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Hi, let me introduce myself to you

There are so many wonders in life that I am grateful for and one is my recovery and Faith in the Lord. There has been so much to learn when a person goes on a spritual journey in life and recreate themselves through the love of our Saviour. I am so blessed to be who I am today. Material things have never mattered much to me, but the love for God and human kind will never end. My books are about hope. Especially for the younger ones who feel lost and alone.

Here are some of my books

Nevaeh and Natas: A Spiritual Fantasy

Isbn: 1-4241-2480-8

Pursuit of Passion:

isbn: 978-1-8472-8826-4


The Unique Bunny
Amazon.com Listing and reviews of A UNIQUE BUNNY

5.0 out of 5 stars The Greatest, January 7, 2006
By Linda S. Irwin (Port Richey, FL) - See all my reviews
I really enjoyed this book. It made me cry in spots and then laugh my head off. I have purchased copies for all of my Grandchildren ranging in age from 4 months to 16 years old. The younger ones will be able to enjoy it being read to them when they get old enough. I think it gives the understanding that in spite of disabilities we can all become winners. I highly recommend this book to all my friends and family. Keep up the good work as I look forward to this writers next book and many more to come.

5.0 out of 5 stars A lesson in tolerance, November 1, 2005
By Heekyung Kang - See all my reviews
Tolerance, wisdom and kindness are so well stated in A Unique Bunny. I thought I was jaded, but as I was reading, I was folding pages down to look at later -- they felt that pithy to me. Perseverance and survival, friendship, forgiveness, love. Most of us think we know they are important. Well I found that A Unique Bunny makes them ring true. Resoundingly.

Being single (and probably will stay so LOL) I was a little miffed at the way everyone found their soulmates who were also of the opposite sex. LOL But what do I know. LOL Maybe all of us were all meant to find a significant other, our partner in life. Or maybe not. LOL

An added bonus was the cool twist in the plot (don't worry I won't give it away). Maybe some things are meant to be.
Taking Care of Me
Friday. 9.18.09 9:09 pm
I have always been a care giver and wanted to help others. My thoughts and writing were ways of reaching out to aid others to find themselves and do better. I do my best in prayer and taking the time out to give back to the community. Even so I many times can not do things in person due to illness, I do my best to help out through research and giving my time through the computer.
I have decided to right now focus on me. There is a book to be finished and since this week, I suffered horribly from illness, I am truly behind on many things. So this is just a see ya later for now...with lots of love and blessings. I need to just take care of me for awhile...Maybe it's time that some of my dreams can finally come true.
God Speed.

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Saturday. 9.12.09 9:11 pm
This could very easily be a blog about me, because only God knows what my life has been like, yet this writing has nothing to do with this author.

The last few weeks have been interesting to say the least. God had placed people in my life for a learning experience. Not being sure what was learned from the lesson, or what I was supposed to do to help the situation, I guess that the great Lord wanted me to do what I know best: To write. Granted I am not the best writer or the worst, though the Father knows that I do compose from my heart. For some reason He believes that I can bring some compassion into another life and show people a way to get help.

I will explain myself better…First off; all of us know how the USA has been lured into a recession. Many good folks have lost their jobs, homes, assets etc, and many have deep fear because of the unstable economy. Personally, I believe that life will get better. My Faith is very strong. Even though I am afflicted with chronic illness myself, I only take one day at a time and know that regardless of certain earthly setbacks, God has been very good to me in giving me all of my basic needs.

In this ailing Nation, many people are under distress, though the ones that my heart goes out to the most are the truly wounded. These are the ones who have been unable to come out of the trenches or have been so abused they have no idea how to survive on their own.

At first my soul was aching over a homeless shelter, which had deteriorated through the years. With the owner of the shelter becoming ill, the haven has had many problems. Living on disability myself, there isn’t much I can do financially for them, but I have been doing my best to get the word out so that they can receive donations or items needed to help them get back on their feet. There have been harsh words said over this particular domain…that it probably isn’t savable, yet for some reason God keeps placing this refuge on my heart and I believe that there is hope for it. This shelter had been around for many years and in being so it has fed, and sheltered many a lost soul. They have AA and NA meetings, Bible study and they are the first the newspapers will write up about a place for those to go when the weather turns too cold to survive outside. The name of this shelter is Holy Ground and is located in Hudson, Florida. The all addresses/websites will be available at the end of this article.

I honestly feel that God put this shelter where it is for a reason. Now it is time for the community to help them.

Oh I can here the groans from a distance…”Community? Taxpayers? Help?”
Uh…yes and absolutely. I sincerely believe that we have a responsibility to those who are suffering in a community. Whether a child, adult, elderly, mentally ill, disabled, or even a pet needs help we should never leave anyone one behind. I know Americans are the most gracious people yet I know in my heart of hearts that people are unaware of what is truly happening to pets and families. Sometimes all that is needed is ONE dollar. I have this theory if everyone would just lay aside a few dollars of change aside each month (that is everyone in America who is unable to give more) you can give a one dollar donation to five different charities. It seems cheap? No. If only every single person in the USA made a commitment to put aside five dollars a month…we can feed people and abandoned pets. Many times charities call or send letters asking for a great deal more. If a person has that to give…awesome…if not everyone come together to help others out.

Okay, putting this idea aside for now. In the last few weeks I had also come across two unbelievably dedicated women, who are going broke taking care of abandoned/abused animals.

The first woman is named RaeAnna and she takes care of many abandoned cats and kittens at The Little Cats Rescue in Pasco County. I had actually sent her an email uncertain whether or not to let go of my kitten. My kitten is a short haired, grey tuxedo named Ronzoni, but I have severe asthma and my condition has been getting worse. Loving the kitten, I decided I couldn’t let her go and just need to make some other living adjustments (for me). Talking to RaeAnna though, truly opened my eyes. As strong as this incredible women is to take care of these animals, she was almost to tears, talking about how people just throw away their pets. My heart went out to her and even with the guilt that I felt emailing her; I am glad that we spoke.

A few days later, I went to Pet Co in Port Richey to buy some treats for my pets (I also have a dog). My first thought as I walked into the store was to look at the cats and kittens. I adore animals and even allergic just wanted to give some mental love to these forgotten creatures.

Cleaning out the cages was a woman named Gina. We spoke for a long time about abandoned animals and she was crying over what the animals are going through during this recession. I thought that she worked for Pet Co, but actually Pet Co, allows her to used cages to adopt cats and kittens from the Feline Sanctuary Inc. This woman (as Rae Anna) also saves and rehabilitates cats (and some dogs) to give them a home. My heart just sank at the stories and tears that Gina told me about. She spends thirty dollars a day to feed these animals. This does not include the spaying, neutering and shots as well. I was amazed at the courage of these two women who I had spoke to and met this week.

That’s when the idea of how I could help lay heavy on my heart. These are just places that I stumbled upon and there are many more as one probably reads from the media. There is no excuse to throw animals or people away, yet it does happen. So I am on a mission to save five dollars a month, from snacks, latte’s, energy drinks, or any other spurge goodies (which aren’t many on what I get), but even so to put change aside to just give to some organizations. Whether a person picks five organizations or two a month…to just give some change to help out these marvelous volunteers who go out of their way to save lives. If one is unable to give any money…volunteers are always needed. They say it “Takes a Village to raise a child”. A community needs to help out its neighbors. Everyone being there for someone…my gosh…we may even get our America back. You know the one where Pilgrims or Settlers built each others barn and cared about each other.

This is also a great way to teach our children whether at home or school. Everyone get involved…to make a commitment. Just five dollars a month. Save our homeless (many are children), food pantries, animal shelters. Save our country. I never in my many years have seen so many thrown away people or pets. It’s an epidemic. All of us can change this. Below are the organizations that I spoke about. You may have your own, of course, but this is just in case you want to save these remarkable and overwhelmed safe harbors.

You will find Gina at the Pet Co on US.19 Port Richey, most times taking care of the cats and cages. RaeAnna uses the cages at Pets Mart in the Trinity Area.

I am aware that people tithe at church or that they have maybe a private charity that they give to. Our country, friends, children and pets are hurting. Donations have gone down to nil. So please help. Please search your heart to help others in need. We all have problems and illnesses, yet to give to others is also an extra special gift that we are given to our souls. It truly doesn’t take all that much if we all pitch in. Thank you.

Holy Ground HomelessShelter
8835 Denton Ave
Hudson, Fl 34667-4338

RaeAnna Saks
Founder, CEO
The Little Cat's Rescue, Inc

Feline Sanctuary, Inc
Cat Rescue and Rehabilitation
P.O. Box 6813, Hudson Fl 34674

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Holy Ground Homeless Shelter
Sunday. 9.6.09 7:14 pm
Holy Ground Homeless Shelter

A few weekes ago, I went over to Holy Ground Homeless Shelter in Hudson Florida with a sister in Christ-Joy. The shelter really needs help there. Lisa Barabas-Henry the owner of the shelter has taken ill for a long time and the shelter which houses about 45 people right now is in dire need of supplies and donations. A child even lives there and my heart goes out to this little one, because the shelter is in a depressed state. They have a chapel and a thrift store, yet they seem overwhelmed.
Many years ago, when I lived in the woods I had gone to this shelter and they were kind to me. Unfortunately, having a cat, I was unable to have residency at the tidy Holy Ground.
Today though, life has changed dramatically as illness and depression can create sad situations in any family. Holy Ground is unable to get Goverment Grants because they pray on the property. This really upsets me because I thought that we had the right to pray. This institution helps feed, clothe and house thousands of homeless through the years.
This shelter does not only need donations and food, but they also need simple items as toliet paper, cleaners, disenfectants, hand soaps, laundry detergent. Holy Ground does not have a website, yet if you do a search, you will see what they have been going through. All you have to do is do a search on Holy Ground "Hudson, Florida".
Here is the address if you wish to give a donation. If you want a tax deduction please just send a self addressed stamped envelope and ask them and they will write you out one.
Here is the address:
Attn: Lisa Barbabas-Henry
Holy Ground Homeless Shelter
8835 Denton Ave.
Hudson, Fl 34667 Phone is 727-863-9123
As mentioned earlier you can look up this shelter and all they do online-
Holy Ground Shelter "Hudson Florida"
God Bless you for reading this.
This just stays on my heart and they need so much help. Many homeless are our Vets. Many are also families. They need our help.
D'Maria Scaglione

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The Avocado Tree
Wednesday. 8.26.09 5:30 pm
In my neighborhood we have many homes that are abundant with fruit trees. Many of the trees have been around for many years and grow tall with ripe fresh fruit. What angers me is that so many of these people just let all of the fruit rot on the trees.
There is one home in particular who has two or more avocado trees. I have never seen trees so massive and beautiful. Hundreds of avocados grow on these trees and are NEVER touched. They just rot and fall to the ground. I have taken a few of the avocados to see if they were bitter, and they were delicious. The limbs would grow over the side of the fence onto the sidewalk or I never would have taken any. This year out of spite, the owners chopped off all of the limbs hanging over the fence. The limbs were abundant with blossoms and newly infanted avocados. As summer moves on I walk by the fence and look up to see hundreds of avocados just begging to be taken. No, it's illegal for me to take them, but it really bothers me that there are so many homeless shelters and food banks that desperately need food and people are so greedy as to let hundreds of fruit rot on their trees. I don't get it. For the life of me, it just constantly boggles my mind. I keep praying that a good storm will knock off many of the avocados to the sidewalk side of the fence so that I could swoop them up and take them to a shelter or food bank.
Every day I walk past these trees and every day I pray for a storm to just knock the avocados down.
When I was a kid growing up we had all fruit trees in our yard. It was a wonderful blessing and I miss those trees and the norishment that they gave our family. We barely had colds from the vitamin C of the oranges, grapefruit, and lemons. I missed those trees when the home had been later sold. Someday I hope to have my own home to grow massive trees for fruit, nuts and berries and the abundance would always go to people who are in need.
This of course probably won't ever be seen in my lifetime. I will probably see my dreams in Heaven someday. It breaks my heart to see people hungry...especially children. As I have said before - no one in this day and age in our USA should ever be hungry, homeless or without medical care. There is just no excuse. Greed kills us all.
D'Maria Scaglione

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People That do Too Much
Sunday. 8.23.09 11:01 am
Sunday, August 23, 2009
People That Do too Much

This morning I had planned to go to Trinity Church which is walking distance from my home, but my blood sugar was just too high. It totally upset me because I have been slowly losing weight, but we still can't get my sugar or bp down. Very frustrating-so I am being more deligent every day.
Years ago, I used to do sooo much and get only 4 hours sleep at night. It was something that I was so proud of, yet I guess God had me stop running and running. Nothing much was accomplished back then and it was so easy to emotionally unavailable to anyone.
I see this today in many people. They take on incredible amounts of work. Yes, some people with these harder times need to work extra jobs, that is understandable, yet then there are those that I see running in circles too. Even Pastors sometimes are incredibly busy to the point where they have no time to talk to their sheep.
Why do people take on so much. What are they attempting to accomplish if they constantly are going and taking on so much where it hurts their family, friends, Etc.
I know that being ill, I can only take on so much and I really have to pace myself as to not end up in the hospital again. At times it is frustrating because I love to write and even do things outside of the internet life, but I know that right now I have to heal and be stronger.
Even though life is not easy, God has always given me everything that I need to survive. I am just hoping though in my deepest prayer that He will help me accomplish some of the things I need to do before I leave this earth. Every day is a gift.

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What to Say before Nutange Crashes Again!
Sunday. 8.23.09 12:12 am
What to Say...What To Say

This morning I woke up and thought...hmmmm, I am going to write this great blog and it was all in my head...you know just right there...then I went and checked emails...bopped around twitter...Art4theHomeless...Facebook...thinking of this great blog and then did the laundry...still the blog was in my head...Oh it was so good. I went to lay down for a few minutes...thinking of the blog and also about working on my book today and BAM! I fell into a deep sleep for four hours and woke up forgetting everything. Arrrrrggghhhh. The day was almost gone. Jeepers!

My health is so crappy lately. I am always falling asleep. I have a machine for sleep apnea, but today I was so exhausted. My blood pressure has been so high that I am having fevers and my diabetes is through the proverbial roof. So today...I decided to work even harder at my food plan. I am losing weight and have been since Feb 2009, but I have only lost 7 lbs. Oh how sucky that is. Inches have been lost, but I still feel like a cow. Oh somebody I know would love to hear that. LOL. A person used to always call me Ms. Cow on the internet. I hope she is well...even though she is evil.
So now I have to be more rigorous about what I eat. So I am pulling out all of the stops. I have too much to do in life then to be sick all of the time. I really need to lose about 50 lbs and that's not all that much. It's just keeping it off has always been the problem. If I were a celebrity, I would always be on the tabloids for the worst yo-yo dieter in history. They can send men into space, but they can't make a safe diet pill to help people NOT WANT TO EAT ALL THE TIME!
The tabloids are always nagging at poor Kirstie Alley...and her weight gains and loss. Thank God she is healthy because they came up with this garbage that she will die at age 62. How horrible to judge her like that. I guess we are around the same age and I hope to live til next year lol at the rate my blood tests have been going crazy.

I have always been so dang healthy years ago...who would have thought that all this crap would happen to me. God must want to keep me around though for something...
Hmmm. I wish I would know. Maybe He is wanting to tell me but I am DEAD ASLEEP DURING THE DAY!!!
Why is it that I have all of this cool energy in my head of all the things that I want to do, but my body refuses to follow through. ElSucko. Yeah, one of my favorite made up words...that kind of sums it up sometimes. God is good but life is ELSUCKO. LOL.

Well, this was not the post I had originally wanted to do. Oh well. I am off to bed. AGAIN? Ah life. ELSUCKO!

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